Aurora Group is established since in 1996, few years after the market liberization in Albania. Dealing with traditional building materials Mr. Rakip Suli founder and President of the company after reflcting on negative feedback of the customers toward these materials, decided to penetrate in the market with modern building materials, buying them at the beginning from Greece,So Aurora Gips become pioneere of modern building material in Albania. Together with market liberization, migration and emigration movements the construction sectore experienced a big development.With the increasement of living standart peopels were searching for adequated and comfortable living enviroments.In this context Aurora Group experienced a huge market-share dimension, which make able to raise its product range such as: mineral wool, stone wool, acoustic and fireproof gypsum board which impact in people health.

2002, Aurora Group over the years was in full konsisitence with consumer desires by offering efficient services, this success prompted Aurora Group to win the trust of the USG believed that its exclusivity for Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
2003, Aurora Group becomes productive of all galvanized profiles for dry system installation thanks to its production line.
2006, Aurora Group builds its facility to a warehouse and offices eskpozites 3.000m2.Godina surface is built with exclusive industrial area of Tirana. The building was constructed according to the parameters with the highest construction standards.
2007, Network selling points reaches 44, covering all Albanian territory.
2008, New Products manufactured by know-how expertise Aurora Group shall be lunched. New products are for plastering and dry system.
2009, Network partners of Aurora Group reaches 28.


Aurora Group is honored with Golden Crown for Quality, 2008, in London, Gouman Tower.

Our Philosophy – Our philosophy has been unchanged over the years, we believe in being the best in the market through the delivery of services and better products. We believe in the values ​​of women workers and their devotion, in their professionalism and expertise.

Our Vision – To contribute to the welfare of the people of our country leads by means products that impact positively on their lives and health. To implement our code of ethics to the customer by being loyal and supportive partner considering them. Diversifying the range of our products and our services being correlated with the evolution of the market. To provide those products from the global leader in building materials.

Our Mission – To provide our customers quality services and products through coordinating the work of a professional staff, the company’s logistics and technology that we possess because customer satisfaction is the only acceptable alternative for us.

Transportation – Transportation and logistics are two concepts integrated into the operation methods of Aurora Group sh.p.k. Our importance to these business concepts has made ​​it possible to exploit the Aurora Group cycle costs lower with some great advantages in transportation mode , this in accordance with the characteristics of the goods being transported. Aurora Group Ltd carries large volumes of imports by rail, sea and road.

Logistics – Aurora Group sh.p.k manages to serve its customers throughout Albania and Kosovo in minimal time. This thanks to the logistics department which operates as a unit of specialized and well-coordinated within the company. Aurora Group owns its capacity about 10 different vehicles like trucks, trailers, pickups, self-shkaruese wagon, vans. In this department are employed about 23 people.